Test bench for testing valve flows

Functions of test bench for flow tests (according to PN-EN 126 standard):

  • Determination of Kvs coefficient.
  • Calculation of relative flow to relative opening characteristic Qx/Q100=f(Hx/H100).
  • Determination of flow resistance coefficient based on relative opening characteristic ζ=f(Hx/H100).
  • Measurement of pressure drop and flow rate for full open valve position.
  • Automatic data reporting.

Main applications:

  • Regulating valves,
  • Shut off valves,
  • Throttle valves,
  • Y-strainer filters,
  • Gate valves.

Advantages include:

  • A wide range of possible fittings can be tested with our test bench:
    • Easy assembly with flanged valves produced according to PN-EN 1092-1 and PN-
      EN 1092-2 (PN), PN-EN 1759-1 (ANSI) and ANSI / ASME B16.5,
    • Easy assembly with weld-on ends of valves for butt-welding according to DIN3239 (PN) and ASME 36.10 M (ANSI).
  • A possibility to test fittings of various lengths.
  • A storage for testing and connecting fittings.
  • Manual and automatic valves are supported.
  • An advanced control system:
    • Visualizations of measured data with graphs,
    • Guidance messages for the operator during the whole test,
    • A possibility to create new test program or edit existing ones,
    • A storage of data points on USB drive,
    • Generating reports from tests in PDF files on PC connected to the test bench with
      help of Ethernet network (proprietary software).