PSA nitrogen generators are devices used to obtain high-purity nitrogen from atmospheric air 99,995% N2. To generate nitrogen we use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Separation of components is conducted through carbon molecular sieves (CMS).


  • Food and beverages – packing, transport, preservation,
  • Installation of electronics,
  • Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Laser cutting of metals,
  • Chemical industry – nitrogen as a process and shielding gas,
  • Tobacco industry – nitrogen as a gas displacing oxygen in an ecological way and as a result eliminates pests from stored tobacco,
  • Other (tyre inflation, laboratories, small breweries).


  • Lowered monthly cost of nitrogen production on site,
  • Flexibility – possibility to turn on and off production, most of monthly costs is the real usage,
  • Efficiency and pressure can be adjusted to current client’s demands,
  • Independence – generators can be used 24/7,
  • Fully automated, secure and user friendly solution,
  • Environmentally friendly compared to cryogenic technology,
  • Possibility to integrate with company’s instrumentation and automation system or create a new one,
  • Financing tailored to Client’s needs.