Small nitrogen generators (LL0 series) are economical devices for continuous and reliable nitrogen production directly on site, requiring only a compressed air supply. This compact generator is used in applications with low nitrogen demand that currently use high-pressure gas cylinders. The offered device eliminates hazards that may occur in connection with the use of cylinders.


  • Food storage (chips, jerky, nuts, crackers, cookies, coffee, beer, wine etc.),
  • Laboratories (as inert gas for chromatographs, mass spectrometer),
  • Tires inflation (constant gas pressure),
  • Pubs (beer transport),
  • Injections molding machines for plastic materials.

Technical parameters:

  • Membrane technology,
  • For internal and external use,
  • Nitrogen purity: from 95% to 99.5%,
  • Efficiency: from 0,4 Nm3/h to 3,0 Nm3/h,
  • Supply air: 7 bar(g), 20 oC, ISO 1.4.1,
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 820mm x 320mm.

Advantages HPE8 small nitrogen generators:

  • Small footprint,
  • Low cost,
  • Easy to service and maintain (Plug & Play),
  • No electricity,
  • Compressed air supply,
  • No moving parts,
  • Eco-friendly (silent),
  • Highly reliable,
  • Optionally: compressor, nitrogen tank.