Filter system with UV sterilizer unit is used for filtration and disinfection of drinking water. The device consists of an automatic filter, a UV steriliser and an automatic control system.
Filter is designed for demanding applications due to high contamination, hardly soluble contaminants or low operating pressure. Cleaning of the filter elements is automatic, switching off the installation for cleaning purposes is not necessary.

The sterilizer is used for disinfecting water with UV radiation and is used wherever there is a bacteriological hazard. It can be applied as, among others, disinfection of:

  • Drinking water in private and municipal installations.
  • Drinking and tap water in gastronomy and hospitality.
  • Mill water for the production of medicines and cosmetics.
  • Tap water in food industry.
  • Water in bottling plants for beverages, syrups.
  • Water in pools, gardening.
  • Destruction of bacteria and algae in ponds.

Major benefit of a UV sterilizer is that the water is free of bacteria and harmful chlorine commonly used for water disinfection.
Device uses a special low-pressure radiator producing UV rays, which causes a photochemical reaction damaging the DNA of microorganisms and their disintegration.
Water flowing from the sterilizer is ready-to-use.
UV sterilization does not affect the chemical composition of the water.
Exceeding the maximum flow rates does not guarantee complete water disinfection.