N2 generator – from Gdynia to Bangladesh

In 2015 HPE 8 Sp z o.o. company from Gdynia designed and launched its first nitrogen generator.

The device was made for a Client from Germany. From where it is to be transported to the power plant in Bangladesh. The HPE8 designers had to take into account the specific working conditions resulting from the location: tropical atmosphere, working at elevated temperatures up to 50ºC, high humidity, and the influence of rain and wind up to 200 km/h.
The generator’s purpose is to ensure an uninterrupted nitrogen supply to the sealing system of a large industrial compressor. He works in a 24-hour regime. Therefore, all main components of the panel are duplicated. Designed by HPE 8, the system for monitoring parameters and automatic switching between components provides high reliability.

HPE 8 Sp. z o.o. company intends to further develop the product.