HPE8 – Safety Culture Declaration signatory

17.06.2020 – HPE 8 Sp z o.o. has joined the group of companies and institutions declaring compliance with the principles of safety culture in rail transport.

The signing of the declaration was unusual – remotely. The initiator of the Declaration is the Office of Rail Transport (UTK). Its main assumption is to implement the principles of safety culture in railway transport and to encourage all entrepreneurs operating in the railway industry to improve the safety of Polish railway transport. Declarations on the development of a safety culture in rail transport have so far been signed by 217 entities.

By joining the UTK initiative, the signatories declare their willingness to implement the principles of a safety culture in rail transport and to apply the following principles:

  • safety as an overriding value for employees and organisation,
  • accepting safety standards and integrating them into daily operations,
  • dealing frankly and openly with weaknesses, focusing on finding solutions,
  • receding from blame,
  • recording and analysing the ocurred events,
  • reporting any inconsistencies and errors,
  • continuous improvement of management systems by implementing corrective and preventive actions,
  • zero tolerance for infringements of laws and internal procedures.

HPE 8 Sp z o.o. is a manufacturer of a system for detailed tests of a combined train brake without a locomotive. Process automation guarantees repeatability of the test and affects safety in rail transport.


Safety Culture Declaration