Green energy



We focus on green energy solutions. In many projects and applications of our products, we strongly emphasize the implementation of projects in an ecological way.


train brake tests system

The purpose of this system is to perform a train brake test without a need to use a locomotive. This solution makes test faster, safer and without exhaust gases emitted to atmosphere.

battery powered wagon pusher

This is a very smart equipment used to move heavy loads in a rolling stock repair railway facilities. The battery powered unit is very comfortable, handy and does not pollute the surroundings with exhaust gases

big heat pumps auxiliaries

We participates first as design company and later as manufacturing team in the project of big heat pumps. We are able to provide many systems starting from CO2 compressor packaging to the piping, wiring and I&C systems dedicated for this application.

energy storage solutions

Our energy storage solutions are suitable for various customer needs. We can provide energy efficient, reliable and sustainable energy storage for your PV installation for example.